Mar 23, 2019
SeatAssignMate demos interactive RCS messaging at Google's booth

SeatAssignMate's mission has always been to bring rich content and interactive experiences into modern day communication channels. As email is one of the most powerful communication tools of today, boasting first place of most active users, is the reason why SAM’s primary focus for was based in this channel. The second most comparable channel of active users on a global scale is SMS, however, even with the billions of SMS messages sent every day, there is still a limitation to the rich content it can deliver. With that being said, SAM partnered up with Google’s program for RCS Business Messaging to bring customers a more interactive experience in this channel. RCS essentially allows companies to have better conversations with customers through interactive messages, with the use of a richer interface and engaging features (as you would get from a website).


Recently, at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, SeatAssignMate was invited by Google to reveal their RCS solution that was built for the airlines. Their POC demonstrated how a passenger would assign a seat, check into their flight and make a payment for any seat upgrades within Android’s native SMS message app, Messages.

There are more exciting developments to come. The team will keep you posted on the progress! If you are interested in an RCS solution for your company, please feel free to reach out for a demo.

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